Specialty Blasting and Dry Ice Blasting

We provide cleaning service with multiple types of blasting media, per job requirement, such as but not limited to: corn cob, glass, sand (fine or coarse) - along with dry ice blasting

Equipment Painting


We do this work mainly in the colder months but under certain circumstances we will make this work during spring/summer. We offer equipment painting for items such as, but not limited to; grain hauler wagons, excavating equipment, lifts, etc.

Line Striping

We do parking lot line striping with added illuminating glass, we also do floor striping in factory settings

Bin Cleaning

We offer safe and effective bin cleaning services for grain facilities that have product that is unable to be freed up within storage


Minor Concrete Work

Our work applications of this type are restorative, or new minor applications such as but not limited to: silo patching, concrete flooring in pole buildings, flooring repair, leveling silo roofs and other minor applications


Industrial outside 7


Morton buildings, FBI buildings, tool sheds, grain bins, grain legs and spouts, and wood buildings


Grain Elevator

Silos, grain bins, steam cleaning services, grain legs and spouts, interior bin cleaning and painting, exterior building painting, and coating



Exterior painting and coating



Interior office painting and wall repair, commercial cleaning services, painting and coating on industrial applications, including but not limited to: holding tanks, warehouses, steel structures




Painting spray foam insulation within a pole barn or quonset



Interior tank cleaning, floor sealing and coating, interior and exterior steam cleaning



Cob blast deteriorated wood walls or ceilings, sand blast painted exposed brick walls, painting trailers (enclosed, horse, goosneck etc.), i-beams, and interior at industrial and commercial sites