Morton Building Blue

Power washed and primed complete building. Applied a finish coat in Morton White with Morton Navy trim.

Morton Building

Power washed complete building and applied aluminum fiber coating to roof. Primed sides and applied Morton tan with Morton red trim.

Concrete Silos

Repaired concrete and applied aluminum fiber coating to the sides.

Grain Bin Interior

Sandblasted interior and applied high solids catalyzed epoxy.

Power Washing

We are able to power wash large structures. Sometimes to prep for us to paint, other times for just the cleaning aspect.

Quonset Building

Our guys meticulously prepped and coated this Quonset Building to give it some new life.

Bin Cleaning

Example of one type of bin that we do: Removed panels on the outside of the bin to bring in a lift, reinforced the flooring to hold the weight and in the beginning stages of cleaning by first scraping the stuck-on debris from the side.