Skid Steer Painting

We prepped, cleaned and painted this GEHL Skid Steer to give it some new life.

Bin Painting – Interior

After we scraped this bin clean and lightly cleaned the remaining stuck on product, we applied coating to the interior to help seal the bin, prevent rust, and deter product from sticking to the bin walls. Sometimes we do this after sealing up problem areas that are leaking on the outside, or if there are issues that need addressed with the roof.

Silo Roof Leveling

We apply concrete to solo roofs to reroute water to the areas away from entry to your product, as well as to repair and restore damaged areas.


Power washed, scraped, hand cleaned, then primed sides and applied finish coat.

Storage Building

Power washed, primed and painted roof and sides with Waynes coating.

Fertilizer Tank

Sandblasted, primed and applied finish coat high solids urethane gloss black.